Feel Bad for December

Hello my little red-nosed reindeers! It’s the last Feel Bad for You mixtape of 2012! And good riddance 2012, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Please welcome The Mad Mackerel from Charlbury, England, as our newest contributor! (FYI: If you accidentally Google “The Mackerel” instead of “The Mad Mackerel,” the top hit is a disturbing Picasso painting.) Thanks to TooMuchCountry for the artwork. Although, after tonight’s game, maybe we should Feel Bad For the Texans.


1. Title: The Money Goes
Artist: The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Album (year): Between The Ditches (2012)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: I saw this band at the 8×10 in Baltimore. It was a transformative experience, standing in the middle of a crowd of screaming, stomping, whiskey-fueled, wild-eyed music fans. The Reverend, who hails from Brown County, IN, could teach Jack White a few things about playing guitar…and about performing. I’m completely serious. Catch ’em if you can.

2. Title: Molotovs
Artist: Dorado
Album (year): Anger, Hunger, Love And The Fear Of Death (2013)
Submitted by: Corey Flegel
Comments: This is a side project by Birmingham badasses Through The Sparks. The Dorado full length will be released 1/5/13 via This Is American Music.

3 Title: I’m Going Back
Artist: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Album (year): Smoking in Heaven (2011)
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22
Comments: I was recently directed to this fun, retro-50s group consisting of multi-instrumentalist siblings. Just good fun.

4. Title: Stupa
Artist: District Attorneys
Album (year): Jr. (2012)
Submitted By: TheOtherBrit
Comments: These guys have my favorite album of the year but this is off their just released free EP from thisisamericanmusic.com!

5. Title: Endeavor
Artist: Timo Räisänen
Album (year): Endeavor (2012)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Fizz bop Swedish pop! A friend posted this on the tweeters a week or two ago and the damn hook won’t get out of my head. Bonus saxophone solo!

6. Title: Get Me In A Room
Artist: Hallelujah the Hills
Album (year): No One Know What Happens Next (2012)
Submitted by: Simon
Comments: Thanks to everyone who’s contributed and given their time to creating the posts and artwork, so much music, so little time – you filter the great from the mediocre. This is an ear-worm of a track and the video features our erstwhile collator and editor-in-chief Amy https://vimeo.com/38678429.

7. Title: The Cigarette Song
Artist: The Patinettes
Album (year): Bliss (2011)
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: I’m sure like me, this monthly exercise always gets you rooting deep into all the music you’ve accumulated and saying Oh yeah haven’t heard this album in a while! The Patinettes only album Bliss is filled with retro surf rock flair, beautiful vocals and a catchy bluegrass/country vibe and it just found it’s way back onto my pod. They are a five piece crew from Zaragoza, Spain.

8. Title: In Pacific Time
Artist: Micah Schnabel
Album (year): How to Quit Smoking/In Pacific Time CDR (2012)
Submitted By: scratchedsoul
Comments: I travel a lot for work which can be shitty sometimes and sometimes it’s great. At the end of the summer I found myself in Buffalo for work and went and saw Two Cow Garage open for Lucero. Micah and Shane were selling their wares after the show and this is from a CDR Micah was selling. Both songs are ridiculously good.

9. Title: Little Mystery
Artist: Todd Thibaud
Album: Little Mystery (1999)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Thibaud was one of the early artists introduced to me by the randomness of Pandora. Not terribly edgy – yet this Boston singer has some solid, creative pop tunes. I revisited Little Mystery for FBFY and realized the multiple meanings of that song title this time of year. The song itself tells the story of the girl about town who craves the return of a little mystery in her life – but who is resigned to know it ain’t happenin’. But don’t we all crave the return of a little mystery? Hell, is mystery even possible in a world of Facebook, Twitter and iPhones? Whacked relationships. Gender-known deliveries. Loathed gift cards vs. wrapped presents bought with intent and a smile. The mystery of Santa that recedes with each generation more quickly than any glacier melts. Those damn Mayans. The journey to Bethlehem and the everlasting impact of the events that may have happened there. But hey, Merry Friggin’ Christmas y’all. Thanks for listening, downloading, sharing and/or ignoring my submissions this year. Have a drink on me, kiss the ones you love and pray for the ones you don’t.

10. Title: To Sir With Love
Artists: Lulu
Album (year): To Sir With Love (1967)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: I’ve been listening to Steve Earle’s SiriusXM radio show, and he recently discussed the work of producer Mickie Most. This track stands out among his many, many great recordings.

11. Title: I Wanna Live
Artist: The Ramones
Album (year): This version is from the “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: The Anthology [Disc 2]” (1999) but it’s originally on “Halfway to Sanity” (1987)
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: I’ve been on an 80’s Ramones kick in between surf music and crazy Christmas music…so…here ya go.

12. Title: Keep the Boy Alive
Artist: Sebadoh
Album (year): Secret EP (2012)
Submitted By: Ryan (verbow over at altcountrytab.ca)
Comments: I guess the successful Dino Jr reunion has inspired Lou Barlow to revive Sebadoh. They snuck this EP out earlier this year, a teaser for a forthcoming full album in 2013. This is the first song off that EP – and I love the hell out of it. I’ve always dug Lou’s stuff – I wish I had a bunch of enlightening things to say about it, but I don’t. Its just a base instinct I guess. Viva la Sebadoh!

13. Title: God Damned the Rain to Fall
Artist: Horsehead
Album (year): Sympathetic Vibrations (2012)
Submitted By: Trailer
Comments: If you’re gonna do an impression of The Black Crowes, you might as well do it this damn good.

14. Title: Black Tar Carpet Ride
Artist: The Lollipops
Album (2012): Pop Narcotics (2012)
Submitted By: The Mad Mackerel
Comments: “We’ll shoot some heroin, and take to the skies.” Told over a simple acoustic strum, this is an unapologetic, woozy, hypnotically brilliant paean to the delights of chasing the dragon. The best addition to the Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll mantra we’ve heard all year. The only apology? For “the times we almost died.” It comes from The Lollipops sublime May release, Pop Narcotics – available as a Pay What You Want deal from their Bandcamp page.

15. Title: Blood, Sweat & Murder
Artist: Scott H. Biram
Album (year): The Dirty Old One Man Band (2005)
Submitted By: Bryan Childs (ninebullets)
Comments: My father was a HUGE Scotty Biram fan. I’m glad he got to see him live before he got sick. This was one of my dad’s favorite SHB songs.

16. Title: Beer Cans
Artist: Old 97’s
Album (year): Too Far To Care (Bonus track, 2012 reissue)
Submitted By: Gorrck
Comments: Sums up my existence these days.

17. Title: Letters Home From the Garden of Stone
Artist: Everlast
Album (year): Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford (2008)
Submitted By: tincanman
Comments: A soldier ponders his place in the battlefield. Masterfully crafted lyrics and production. And that voice is so seductive!

18. Title: Dead Souls
Artist: Joy Division
Album (year): live (1980)
Submitted By: April @ Now This Sound Is Brave
Comments: This is from a show Joy Division played at the University of London Union on February 8, 1980, recently remastered by audio engineer Drew Crumbaugh. I’ve been listening to Joy Division since I was in my early teens, and everytime I listen to them, I still think it is some of the greatest music I’ve ever heard.

19. Title: Armegideon Time
Artist: Willie Williams
Album: Armegideon Time (1978)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: Dec. 21, 2012: Armegideon Time

7 thoughts on “Feel Bad for December

  1. The riff from The Patinettes track is addictive. My toes are tapping and shoulders grooving up and down at my desk today. I may need to ring tone the thing to my iPhone & call myself just to keep the vibe going.

  2. Not a bad song in the bunch. Fine work by everyone! Some standouts, for me:

    @Hoosier Buddy: I gotta get me some more of The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. Great stuff!
    @philnorman: Endeavor is all that is great about pop… and I love me my pop music!
    @Simon: Hallelujah the Hills is a catchy little song.
    @popa2unes: Liking the The Patinettes lots!
    @rockstar_aimz: To Sir With Love is one of my favorite pop songs. Great movie too!
    @The Mad Mackerel: Black Tar Carpet Ride sounds like it is right out of the psychedelic 60s. Awesome!
    @AutopsyIV: I never tire of SHB.

  3. I’m Going Back – I like the retro sound, and the interplay between guitar and vocal is engaging. This could have been a track for the movie Cry Baby.
    Endeavor – Timo’s got the happy angst thing going on. The line “hugging people I don’t like” cracks me up; no idea why. Sax solo is so joyous!
    Get Me In A Room – The video is vaguely unsettling, which somehow balances nicely with the anti-guitar solo and the good timey singalong refrain. The tune is catchy.
    The Cigarette Song – I love the groove and the chunk-a-chunk guitar part. This song needs a club full of drunk dancers.
    In Pacific Time – I’ve been a Two Cow Garage fan for a couple of years, never followed Micah’s solo work. Obviously that has to change. He’s a visionary songwriter who paints with words and then invites you in for a listen.
    To Sir With Love – I heard this on the AM jam when it was new. After all these years, it still slays me. Cost of a 45 single in 1967: not much. Pop perfection: priceless.
    Black Tar Carpet Ride – This is right up there with Kicking Hong Kong by Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons. Dark, with more darkness where you think the light should be.
    Letters Home From the Garden of Stone – Great production values keep the heaviness from getting cartoony. The electric guitar sounds like it is grinding meat. I do love his voice on this one.
    Armegideon Time – Situation desperate; not serious. Love the horn work.

  4. Bit of a hard rocking list this month. Some eggnoggy thoughts:

    @hoosier buddy: Have listened to a bit of Reverend Peyton but this one really convinces me to see them live if I ever can.

    @BoogieStudio22: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis has a hint of subversive sneer in the lead vocal that I like, so I’m not accepting the ;just fun’ tag just yet. It’s like they are inviting us to dismiss them so they can make a sneak up attack.

    @TheOtherBrit: District Attorneys keep crossing my radar. I’ve only listened a bit here and there, but they strike me as a damn fine band who might have a breakout just ahead.

    philnorman. Am diggng that sax in Endeaviour too. Could have done without the Grand Funk cowbell though.

    @Simon. Erstwhile? I had to look that up. (Amy is the bald one with the long beard, right?)

    @scratchedsoul ooo, Micah Schnabel is a nice find. I’m going to pay attention to him.

    @Rockstar Aimz: Lulu is so cool. Check her out with this UK boyband: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtyOjhuBhvQ (She appears after 2:30)

    @annieTUFF: The Ramones are one of those bands that when I hear one song I have to go back and listen to a lot. Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

    @ninebullets: Scott H. Biram is a new one on me. tx for the introduction.

    @Trailer Damned and if God Damned the Rain to Fall is my favourite this month. I’m surprised because I have limited tolerance for both banjo and The Black Crowes. I think a lot of bands call themselves Alt something as a place to hide, and I like that Horsehead puts this out there without apparent concern for being judged.

    *And, as always, if I didn’t mention your song, it isn’t because you have BO. Its just I didn’t have anything intelligent to say. (Which, as always, didn’t stop me from commenting on the other songs)

  5. Yeah!

    I’m going back thru some of the FBFY monthly mixtapes for a second listen tonight, this one is great! One of my New Years resolutions is to actually comment on the mix, and not just submit a song.
    @tincanman2010, you mentioned my song AND i have BO…soooo, ya know…there’s that.

    Maybe I shouldn’t comment on this thing.

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